How to Fix Microsoft Office Setup Errors

Microsoft Office may be a well-known processing application suite within the technological world and is extremely popular thanks to the superb functionality of its features. thanks to its popularity, it’s been employed by billions of individuals everywhere on the planet. Microsoft Office Setup Error

Several users worldwide have recently reported a mistake which seems to be a standard technical snag being experienced by many of us. this is often a Microsoft Office setup error which gets displayed on the screen within the following ways:


  • Microsoft Office encountered a mistake during the setup of the XXXX version
  • Microsoft Office Professional version encountered a mistake during setup in Windows XX
  • Microsoft Office encountered a mistake during setup for XXXX version
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business version encountered a mistake during setup
  • Microsoft Office XXXX encountered a mistake during setup Windows XX
  • Unable to put in Microsoft Office 365

Out of the above mentioned pop-up errors, the foremost common one would be “Microsoft Office encountered a mistake during setup.” This error commonly pops-up whenever the newer version of Microsoft Office is being installed on Windows.

Even though the error of Microsoft Office not being setup occurs pretty commonly, it’s still possible to repair it by using some basic steps. the following pointers and suggestions to unravel this Microsoft Office setup error are mentioned below.

Uninstall Microsoft Office/Remove Traces on Task Scheduler
One of the methods which should be tried first whenever you’re faced with the Microsoft Office setup error is by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it after you’ve got removed any of its traces on the task scheduler.

As discussed above, one among the various known probable reasons behind the Microsoft Office error is that the remains of the previous Microsoft Office in Task Scheduler, this method can give positive results, and you’ll be ready to install Microsoft Office successfully.

To carry out this method of uninstallation, you’ll make use of the Fix It tool. this is often a superb troubleshooter by Microsoft which may be wont to remove all types of traces of previously installed Microsoft Office from Windows system.

Once you are done downloading Fix It, you can follow the steps given below,
Step 1: On the Windows search bar, key in “Task Scheduler” and tap on the “Enter” key to open the Task Scheduler.

Step 2: From the Task Scheduler Library, navigate to “Microsoft” and choose “Office” from there.

Step 3: On the proper pane, click on Delete Folder after selecting “Office.”

Step 4: Reboot your system.

Start with the installation process of Microsoft Office; it should get installed completely at this point.

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Renaming Help Folder of Microsoft
If just in case the above tip didn’t work for you and you’re still unable to put in Microsoft Office on your Windows system thanks to the Microsoft Office setup error, you’ll follow the steps below to rename the Microsoft Help folder.

Step 1: Open the “Run” command window by squeezing Win+R on your console.

Step 2: Key within the command “%programdata%.”

Step 3: Right-click on the Microsoft Help folder and choose “Rename” choice to rename the folder to “Microsoft Help.old.”

Step 4: Reboot your system to end the method.

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