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How to activate office products – A wide range of Microsoft office subscriptions is available, so it is necessary to make an expert strategy when thinking about Microsoft Office so that before buying a subscription you can understand the objectives and aims of your business and accordingly choose an effective subscription plan.

Acess Office from anywhere

Microsoft Office needs only a device whether a computer or PC or laptop or mobile or tablet or any other and internet connection. Connect your device to the internet and access your Microsoft office 365 software. It’s so simple to access it anywhere and anytime.
If you have changed or edited a document from one of your devices, it will look the same on the other device operated by your other partner. So it’s a unique source of data.
Microsoft has invested a lot to provide the user experiences of Office 365 as simple and easy as feasible. | Microsoft Office Main Feature 

The main features of Microsoft office 365 are complete security and privacy. Microsoft is trying to provide new total security capabilities and features to Office.

Microsoft announced new security features of Microsoft office on 10th Feb and it includes, Microsoft Office security patches, Microsoft Office Advanced Data Protection program and Office Threat Intelligence Private Preview.
Using secure score tools you can measure the security level.

Microsoft Office 365 | |

Microsoft Office 365 is available in the desktop version of all office applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, and access, which you can install on many computers or other devices like PCs, Android phones, Macs, and iPhone.
If you want to install Microsoft Office 365 then first buy one of the suitable subscriptions. The physical copies of Microsoft office come with a product Id/key which is sent in the email in case of an online purchase.

An office product key uses a combination of 25 characters or the number or both.

Now visit the official website of the office setup and enter the product activation key.


Microsoft Office account-How to activate office products

Log in with a Microsoft Account using your Microsoft Id and password associated with the copy of Microsoft office you have bought.
If you don’t have a Microsoft account then open and select signup then create an account.

How to activate office product key

After sign in you can select the country and language and then click on continue the process.

Then you will be on My-account page, where you have to click on Install, then the installation process will begin.

By default this will install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office on your system, If you want to install the 64-bit version of the office on your system then you have to change the os version in my account settings.

After the installation is finished, you can see the Microsoft Office from Start Menu.
If you are getting an alert of activation then activate your product using product key online. Use MICROSOFT Office online dashboard to get more details about your subscription and enjoy Microsoft Office 365.

Errors and Problems while activating your subscription:
It’s not possible that the process will be as easy as you think sometimes you may face the problems and can’t install or download MS Office. If such an error occurs then go for a third party Office services provider to get out of any errors related to Microsoft Office, or you can contact us as-well via email or call, we will help you in every stage of Microsoft Office installation.

How to activate Microsoft Office?

Without activating the Microsoft office setup, it is not possible to access all of its features.

For activating Office, you need to follow the steps below.

Use any of the mentioned activation processes below and activate your Microsoft office product |

Activation Method 1

  1. Once you are done with the download and install process of Microsoft Office, you can go through the activation process.
  2. To do so, click on the Microsoft Office icon and the Office Activation Wizard window will pop-up.
  3. After that, enter the office setup product key in the given box.
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the activation process. of office website and office com setup

Activation Step 2

  1. Move to the Start Menu
  2. Now click on the Control Panel.
  3. After that, click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or ‘Programs and Features,’ depending on the operating system.
  4. Click on Microsoft Office and then click on the “Change” option.
  5. Pick the option: “Enter a Product Key.”

After entering the 25 Digit product key via any of the two options mentioned above, click on “Continue”.

Visit the Notifications dialog, and then you will see “Install Now”, click on it to start installing your Office.

Now, you will see a bar displaying the installation process and then wait for your MS Office to be configured successfully. After that, close the app, and then reboot the computer. Subsequently, you can follow the on-screen commands and execute the installation process.

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