Windows | Here is all you have to know about the new Microsoft Windows 12 lite

Windows 12 lite is the new Microsoft Windows operating system which has inbuilt ransomware protection.

All there is to know about the latest windows 12 lite from Microsoft |
Windows 12 lite – linux based operating system with in-built ransomeware protection

The linux based Microsoft Windows 12 lite is the new 3 time faster than 10 and has built-in protection against Ransomware threats.

People using windows 10 had a tough time lately due to multiple updates and patches coming all the time which caused all manners of problems and effected the systems by slowing them down and delaying the work as-well.

If you’re thinking this might be the time to look into an optional OS, perhaps the OS based on Linux, but not quite ready to migrate from Windows, then Windows 12 Lite, discovered by a Redditor at their local PC fair, could be the Operating System you’re looking for.

According to the information provided, this OS promises uninterrupted upgrades that won’t occur when you’re working, it’s immune from viruses and ransomware, and you can use it along with Windows 7 or 10.

It’s 3 times faster than Windows 10, and comes with a set of programs, and you can add more than 80,000 apps via the software store. It’s good for gamers as well.

There’s no license or product key required – you buy the software – and Microsoft won’t nose-into on you either!

Truth about Windows 12 lite

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, it might surprise you to hear that this isn’t an official Microsoft product, instead it’s a version of OS Linux Lite 4.8 LTS with Windows 10 wallpaper and flat icons, and all the above claims are ridiculous nonsense.

The official website looks like something out of the nineties, which makes the line that says \ “You have all the tools now for designing wonderful websites\” even more entertaining.

Windows 12 Lite isn’t available to download from the website.

But you can buy it for £15 on DVD. You really shouldn’t though.

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