Windows 10 latest updates – Here is the list of 5 amazing features of Windows latest OS

Windows 10 latest updates – It was officially released more than a year ago but every now and then Microsoft comes up with new updates for all of their products including Windows Operating System.

What is new in the updates of windows 10 |
Windows 10
List of 5 latest features in the windows 10 update

Windows 10 latest updates – Microsoft as we all know always has been helping the people all around the globe by providing best in class services by their products, be it Windows operating systems, Microsoft office, Skype, e.t.c. Recently Microsoft surprised its users with amazing features for it’s latest operating system Windows 10.Here is a list of 5 most amazing features that are included in windows 10. These features can be availed simply by updating your windows 10 in the update centre.

Windows 10 Latest Updates:[Windows 10 latest updates]

It’s been a-lot decade since everyone wanted to type just by using your voice, for the same people had to purchase costly voice typing software but in the latest update of windows 10 this feature has been made available.

1.Voice Typing

Voice typing |
Windows 10 Voice typing feature


To enable this, just go into Settings, click Speech, and enable Online speech recognition.

Once turned on, every time an app that requires typing, you can press Windows Key and the letter H and type using voice instead. – Windows 10 latest updates-

2. Windows Launcher Android Integration

Android Integration App in windows |
Android Phone Integration

Android integration app in windows 10

3.Cloud Clipboard [Windows 10 latest updates]

 cloud based clipboard |
windows clipboard in cloud

You would be almost knowing how Ctrl-C is used to copy selected items in clipboard. But now you can press Windows Key-V to paste selected items from a cloud based clipboard which can be used to access from any of your devices.

To use cloud clipboard go to  Settings > click Clipboard, & enable  Clipboard and Sync across devices.-Windows 10 latest updates-

Just select the item you want to copy > press Ctrl-C like & then use Windows Key & V and your text is copied at the same time to cloud based clipboard.

windows 10 latest updates |
windows 10 | Cloud Clipboard

This means that from now on if one computer you copy text into cloud clipboard and turn the device off and use your other device, Provided same Microsoft account has been used to signed in on both, You will be able to see the same text on the clipboard copied from the first device.

4. Windows 10 God Mode – [Windows 10 latest updates]

Windows 10 God Mode | latest update | hidden features |
God Mode in Windows 10 hidden feature

It’s like in a-lot of Games there is a “god mode” which gives you super powers, Windows 10 has a god mode too that’ll give you super  computer abilities.

Right Click on the desktop screen, select New, and then click on Folder. Rename the folder as:


Once you open this folder, you’ll be able to see a lengthy list of advanced administrative features few of them are:

  • Manage drives
  • Schedule tasks
  • View Windows event logs
  • Manage devices and printers
  • Customize the File Explorer
  • more…

-Windows 10 latest updates-

This folder and its contents are a power user’s dream. It’s everything you need right there to explore. – Windows 10 latest updates.

5. File Explorer Dark Mode

Dark Mode in Windows 10 |
what is windows 10 dark mode

You are probably tired of the same old look of File Explorer (white background), Now it can be changed by switching to File Explorer’s Dark mode.-Windows 10 latest Updates

To enable File-Explorer dark mode:

  1. Goto Settings.
  2. Click On Colors.
  3. Scroll down to Choose your default app mode.
  4. Select Dark.

Once dark mode is enabled, all windows (like File Explorer) will have a black background. Not only does it look a lot cooler than the usual File Explorer, but it’s also comfortable to the eyes. – Windows 10 latest Updates

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