What is best for you during Lockdown, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom Video App

office.com/setup – We all know about this condition that is going on globally and lockdown taken place, a pandemic Covid-19 that has waved and reigned across the world and has taken a lot of lives. So in order to fight this pandemic all that we are directed to do is to home and work from home. We have found that people across globe working from home are using different platforms to interact with people from their team.

There are different applications that are being used by different people, it has become our loyal responsibility to introduce the safest platform. Though there are many apps that can actually help you with this. Some major players in this game are Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom app. These apps are real-time meeting apps and can help your work from easy and great.
Though the Zoom app has been notified as not secure by many governments and companies, Zoom was mostly used in Asia pacific companies and Teachers and students. Though this app has officially announced that the app has been updated and the security issues have been taken out but that still makes it “NOT SURE” for most of the people to use the application.

Google meet on the other hand is a secure online meets platform but this wont give you the agility of an application. This won’t give you the flexibility but given the name that Google is a trusted brand there is no worry about the safety of this. Google meet is used by many big companies for great online meetings.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best and the most secure option for you. Though some germans do not accept Microsoft teams for the accusation of the leakage of Data that was not proven anyway. Microsoft Teams is a part of Microsoft Office, which is one of the best productivity suites in the market available for your use. With Extended support from Microsoft and Extended access, you can get the best of it.

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