Outlook Spaces | Here is what’s new in Outlook 2020 update

What are the latest update coming in Outlook?

Outlook Spaces_latest_tool_in_outlook_from_MicrosoftOutlook Spaces from Microsoft for users | office.com/setup

Outlook Spaces – We all know Microsoft always comes up with new products and updates for the earlier ones. In the same context whether it is an app for mobiles or a whole operating system for the PC’s. All this work which is being done in the backend, who is responsible for it and how do they do it. There are so many questions about this if we try to think about it but we all need to be thankful to the Microsoft for continuous improvement and creation of new technology which makes every day work so much easier in every aspect of the human lives, whether Microsoft products are used commercially or personally.

Outlook Spaces explained.

“Outlook Spaces” is the most recent application from Microsoft that plans to do precisely that, permitting users to assemble their messages, notes, records, archives, schedule meetings, and daily agendas into online spaces.

Spaces or Outlook Rooms will allow you to have a mix of whitepapers, ToDo and inbox. You get the opportunity to work together and at the same time you get access to your Data and files.

Spaces is a project based Whiteboard tool to work with Internal and External both with all your required data excluding Microsoft Teams.

Official link to access  Spaces



Coming to the conclusion, the above mentioned details are just few features of the new feature of Microsoft in Outlook called Spaces, with that being said there are other features as-well apart from these which makes the use this tool very easy and user friendly at the same time.

Also to complete i would like to mention outlook is the part of Microsoft office suite and OFFICE requires a subscription if you want to use it and once you purchase a subscription you need to activate the product key from the official link office.com/setup and you are done. Enjoy!

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