Office 365 | Get Started (Explained in Detail all the Features)

office 365 | Get started | why you should start using it.

Office 365 |Get Started
Redeem Your office key and download your copy of Microsoft Office

What does Office 365 | Get Started with office 365 mean, well we have to first understand what is the present day requirement.

Nowadays, everybody is busy in the hustle of life, and people love using those applications and programs which will help them to manage their time.

People, especially business professionals are required to keep the time-management factor in their minds so that they can do the stipulated task in the given time period.
When you deal with Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, or Outlook you are required to work instantly on them. Fortunately, Microsoft has allowed Outlook users to work along with managing their time.


We use Outlook to manage everything related to emailing, task-management, and schedule meetings with the help of the calendar feature.

On top of that, you can also control the settings of your contacts. You can always get the most out of your Office applications by following the basic principles mentioned in this article.

Some principles you need to follow

Do not read the messages from different fake portals- you can also minimize this number by using the in-built features within Outlook. You can also set the rules by segregating the messages that require instant attention which exactly doesn’t exist.

By-pass some emails

There are certain rules in Outlook which you can set. Using these settings you are not required to open the emails directly from the specified folders. These settings are done because you possibly cannot read each and every message within your inbox.
You don’t need to open your emails within email portals instead, you can manually reduce the number of such portals by using the settings in Outlook. This helps to reduce extortion and minimizes the time to complete other assignments as well.

Process your emails

In Outlook you can choose to delete the following options I,e reply, forward, or flag a message instantly by using categories option.
Do not create multiple to-do lists. If you have made so many to-do lists in Outlook, opt for one list instead of using various lists. This makes confusion in your mind and you utilize much time to find out the one you are actually looking for.

Use Categories option

Work in batches and use  “categories” option which allows you to divide the task in such a manner that the work is done in teams.

To sum up

There are other points which you need to consider in order to manage your time. You should also review your calendar and tasks frequently so that you don’t miss out on important things. If you are unable to follow everything mentioned in this article, following a few will make you manage your time easily. For more such articles, you can navigate to the official website of the office that is

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