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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word.–Part of Microsoft Office Suite, Word was introduced for Windows Operating System in the year 1990. However, for MAC OS X it surfaced in 1989.

Being a desktop application (and not an OS), it is supported by a non-windows based OS. Word was developed for making writing Simple and easy. Errors made can be corrected in a way as if none were made. No strike-through lines will be seen through the erratum text, as none would be left. This Program made the error sighting and detection easy. Spelling faults are highlighted by a wavy red underline whilst grammatical inaccuracy can be spotted with the wavy blue line.

Not only made it error sighting easier, but it also helped in putting reduced efforts on letter-writings, maintaining simple records, tasks, mailing list creation, etc.

Basically, a technological definition of MS word is that it is a computer application used to create, edit, format, store and print documents- thus processing text.

A number of formatting features come handy with Microsoft’s this word processor. Be it the text styling, paragraph styling, setting font size and family, insertion of any mathematical exponents, bulleting – you name anything regarding the designing and layout of any document and the ease of writing and it is done by Word. Nearly 500 million users use this application world-wide for the ease and facilities it provides.

Managing Files, Providing editing features, Text and Paragraph formatting, providing Proper headers and footers, OLE technology within a document, formulating tables, Spell checking, Mail-Merging is the features provided by MS Word Processor. Documents look same when printed as it looks on a monitor screen.


Businesses World-Wide, if require any documents in text- like typing a letter, creating legal copies or memos or references use this word Processor.

Writing Research Papers are now completely based on MS word rather than the handwritten texts. Publications, book writings and every documentation that comes in between are based on this Desktop Application.

Moreover, in addition to use Photoshop, graphics designers do use Word for card creations.

Microsoft Word


 Launching Microsoft Word:

Earlier there was a procedure for launching MS word for using. Now with the advances in Plug-in Developments, it has rather become quite easier to do anything. Cortana Search in the Latest Versions of Windows Operating System made it easier to find any application. Just what needs to be done is selecting the Cortana search icon next to the Windows Icon in the Taskbar and specify the Application that we are interested to use. In this Case our Microsoft Word. Compared to the Traditional style of clicking windows icon- that marks the earlier start and searching in the All Programs the desired application, this has reduced efforts and made the search easier.


Creating a Document in Microsoft Word

For creating a new document in Word, after opening the application we need to click on the File option specified at the top of the window. The Options file is basically a menu, with its entries visible once clicked. The location where this menu resides along with other menus is termed as the Menu Bar.

Opening an Already Existing Document:

If you had been working on a document and you want to append something else to it, click on the File menu. On the appearance of a new window, an option Open appears. Click on it and specify the name of the file you want to open for editing purposes. To do this Press Control Key and with the O button.

Save the Changes by Pressing Control key along with S key on your keyboard. The other way to do it is to get the option from File Menu residing over the Menu Bar.


Document Views:

Document View shows the appearance of your text. How it appears and what look it takes. MS Word provides the flexibility of having five views for your document.

  • Web Layout: This allows one to view how the document will appear on the Web Browsers.
  • Print Layout: This is now a days the new normal view of word documents as this specifies how our documents will look when printed.
  • Read Mode: This gives document the Bookish look- just like the pages of the book appear.
  • Outline: This gives the outline of the document. By moving the headings, the entire text below them will move.

To change the Document Views Goto the View Menu which is located in the Menu Bar at the bottom of MS Word window

The status bar is a long bar present at the bottom of the Window of the Word Processor.

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