How to migrate to Windows 10 as Microsoft ends support for Windows 7

Migrate to Windows 10 as Microsoft ends support for Windows 7

Microsoft finally ends support for windows 7. Microsoft finally ends support for windows 7 ( Microsoft Blog)

Microsoft is ending all support for Windows 7 which leaves users no other option but to switch to OS 10. Here’s how you can do this easily.
Microsoft is going to end updates for Windows 7 from 14 January 2020. After the deadline, technical support and firmware update for OS 7 will not be possible. Previously Microsoft had stopped ordinary updates for OS 7 in 2015.

Microsoft wants its customers move to Windows 10, since the previous Operating system will be vulnerable to infections and ransomware and other forms of risks.

Microsoft OS users who are using  OS 7 need to install the up to date version OS 10, but if they don’t have any concerns with the potential risks to their machines.

Here is how you can switch from OS 7 to Os 10.

Previous Windows 7 end users can update to OS 10 by buying the official copy from Microsoft’s website. Win 10 Home and Win10 Pro are available which is almost similar to use as 7 for daily home usage.

Windows7 is now an old Operating system varrient which was first introduced in public in the year 2009. This also includes the devices which are using Windows 7 are now old devices which won’t be compatible with OS 10. What we can suggest here is that  users update your machines and buy a version that supports OS 10. You can still take a look on these requirements to see if your machine meets these requirements for OS 10 update.

-1GHz or faster processor

-1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2GB( 64-bit)

-32GB hard disk space for 64-bit or 16GB for 32-bit.

-Video card – DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.

-More than 800×600 resolution.

Microsoft also provided a free update to Windows 10 which lasted on July 29, 2016. But some customers still got the free OS 10 update through some simple tricks and tips.

There’s no authenticity if the free version is still available online but users who are curious to know can still give it shot and see if they can get the Windows 10 free update.

To conclude, users can enjoy various other softwares of Microsoft as well such as Microsoft Office which can be purchased and activated using , and installed easily. If you require any help you can email us or start a chat 24X7.

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