Daily Office 365 backups are not enough

Some providers of Office 365 backup solutions pride themselves on daily backups. While a daily backup is certainly better than no backup at all, opting for only 365 backups per year of your Office 365 data implies that the work your company performs in a day is meaningless.

If you suffered a ransomware attack at 8:00 PM today and could only restore to the backup performed at 8:01 PM yesterday, how much would it cost and how long would it take for your team to recreate everything from the entire day?

Instead, make sure your Office 365 data is backed up multiple times per day. This way, in the worst case, only a couple of hours’ worth of work will need to be recreated in case of an attack: an 8 PM attack means that you could restore the 5 PM backup quickly and easily.

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